CoreInk reboot & eInk refresh

  • Hello,
    I have a M5 CoreInk which I have programmed to display a given hard coded image. Works fine. I have 2 surprises though:

      1. If I unplug the CoreInk from USB, the image fades out after a few hours. I am surprised: I have already used an eInk screen (completely different, not via M5CoreInk) and the image stayed there for months. Why does it fade off?
      1. When I plug back in my CoreInk on USB, it boots up and shows a black screen with a white line. Why doesn't it resume my program that prints the image?


  • @aafortinet thebfading image is caused by not setting a HV write before shutting down the core ink which is needed to retain image

  • @ajb2k3 sorry, what do you mean by "HV write"?