M5Core : example speak.ino don't work anymore

  • I need just a simple Beep for my Project and so I extract the tone from the example. After updating the Board-Software in the Arduino IDE no Beep or DingDong came out of my M5Core2. Has anyone a solution? I know that this topic was discussed before. But there is still no solutuion to produce a simple Beep/Tone on the M5Core2! Please help

  • Hello @Carusa2

    have you checked the debug log? Is there an error when you run the speak.ino example?


  • Check out the speak.ino in the new M5Unified library v0.0.5
    it will compile with the Core2 or the Tough and produce sound.

    There is a M5 speaker class , that can be used to produce tones.

    The problem is that while the library works by itself
    it is Not compatible
    with M5Tough.h or M5Core2.h files.

    And yes , there is a problem with the Core2 and Tough speak.ino
    the Log file shows a conflict with mclk pin config , when trying to setup the I2S sound
    The error is in a higher level M5 system file that was introduced when the Tough was released in the Fall.
    Sorry , I dont know how to fix it..