Set MISO for GRBL 13.2 and Core2

  • I am trying to use GRBL 13.2 module with Core2. But i can't figure out how to set MISO to GPIO38 in UIFlow and Android since it changed from GPIO19.

    Without adapting Core2 reboots after calling the library.

    Could anyone please gibe me a hint if this is possible and how?

  • Hello @em

    you are correct MISO has changed in M5Core2 from GPIO19 to GPIO38. However you shouldn't need to modify that manually. Instead it will be taken care of when you use the M5Core2 library (instead of M5Stack library).
    In the Arduino example change the include file

    // #include <M5Stack.h>
    #include <M5Core2.h>

    and then in setup comment these lines out

    //  M5.Power.begin();
    //  Serial.begin(115200);

    With the above changes I can compile and run the code on my M5Core2 (no crash). Please note though - I don't have the GBRL module so I cannot fully test the result.

    In UiFlow the correct MISO GPIO should be used automatically when you select M5Core2 as device.


  • Thanks for the hints. I connected the module and now it works in UIFlow and with your hint in Anduino! Thanks a lot!

  • Hello @em

    glad to hear. And thanks for reporting back.