Compatibility of IoT Base with CAT-M Module (SIM7080G) with M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit for AWS IoT EduKit

  • Hi,
    Is the new IoT Base with CAT-M Module (SIM7080G) compatible with M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit for AWS IoT EduKit?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello @NilZ

    Note: I do not own an IoT BASE CatM so my conclusions might be incorrect.

    Firstly M5Core2 for AWS (orange) is the same as M5Core2 (white) - well, except for the color. The secure element (ATECC608) is in the M5GO Bottom2 for AWS (dark gray). From the specs:

    The M5GO Bottom2 for AWS adds additional features and security for IoT applications. ... the onboard Microchip ATECC608 Trust&GO crypto-authentication chip is pre-provisioned with secure keys to simplify connectivity to AWS and accelerate cryptographic computation. ...

    In other words to physically stack the IoT Base CatM to the M5Core2 for AWS you have to un-stack the M5GO Bottom2 for AWS first and by doing so you don't have the secure element anymore which I believe is required to connect to AWS. So if you plan to use the SIM7080G to connect to AWS (instead of WiFi) I think the story ends here as you can only have either the SIM7080G or the secure element stacked to the M5Core2 at one time.

    If your question however is whether a plain M5Core2 (orange or white) can be used with the IoT Base CatM, then the answer is yes. The only thing you need to observe is that between M5Stack (Fire, Base, Gray) and M5Core2 some GPIOs have been changed - so the Arduino example (which is written for M5Stack) needs to be adapted for M5Core2. This list can help you with that.