Atom PWM 12v output control?

  • Hi all - and thank you for great ESP32 products.

    I trying out the new Atom PWM kit and I was wondering if there's a pin to control the 12v power? I have a PWM fan that doesn't completely stop if I set the speed to 0 with GPIO22 and I would like to cut off the power to the fan.


  • Hello @kya

    according to the datasheet the controller IC EG27324 has an input pin (SD) which could be used to disable the output(s). However according to the Atom PWM kit schematic SD is tied to GND and not controllable via a GPIO. (Unless you modify the hardware of course.)

    Note: I don't have the Atom PWM kit so I cannot test if modifying the hardware and controlling SD would actually help.


  • Hi @felmue and thanks for the quick reply.

    I also looked at the datasheet and came to the same conclusion. It might be easier to find a fan that supports 0 rpm with lower (<10%) PWM duty cycles.