P2P communication using two Atom Matrix

  • I want to synchronize the display of two Atom Matrix using UIflow.
    What are some ways to achieve this with P2P?

    One of the two is for transmission and the other one is for reception. Several types of LED patterns are programmed in the Matrix for data transmission in advance, and the LED display switches each time the A button is pressed. And I want the Matrix for data reception to display the same LED pattern as the Matrix for transmission.

    Similar to the above has already been achieved with the M5 Stick Cs.

  • Introducing the UI Flow of M5 Stick C mentioned earlier.
    Based on this, I am thinking of UIFlow for Atom Matrix.
    I would be grateful if anyone had any good advice.

    1_1640914504401_M5stickC on the receiving side.png

    0_1640914504399_M5stickC on the sending side.png

  • I think EspNow would be the right one for this

  • I am reporting that I was able to resolve myself.
    The key to solving this problem was the "character string".
    I assumed that the content sent by P2P was not a "string" but a "number".
    It may be hard to see, but I will attach the screen created by UIflow.
    I'm an amateur, but I'm glad I worked hard to solve it.
    (The attached image is the receiving Atom Matrix)

    0_1641013490221_Atom Matrix receiving side.png