Solved. "importError: no module named 'm5stack_ui'"

  • Just got a M5go. Follow all the documentation, put latest firmware, but when uploading any code from the UIFlow program I had the error "import error, no module named m5stack_ui"

    The problem was that when configuring the UIFlow program and you choose which device you have, the device was wrongly selected, even if the colors matched the M5go.

    The M5go is white in the border, but if you choose the icon of the m5stack with white borders, it doesn't work and gives this error. You have to pick the m5stack that is all black (first one from top left row). Here an image of what you have to choose.

    0_1640456222560_Screenshot 2021-12-25 at 19.15.43.png

    It will be much better if the UIFlow has the names of the devices too, since many people can not see those small colors in the border.

    Version of Firmware: (latest today)
    Error happens using:

    • UIFlow Desktop IDE
    • UIFlow online

    This question was asked twice before, but no solution was given.