Add Arduino code to app made with UIFlow....

  • Hi there,

    I am new to M5Stack, and am trying to find my way. I'm trying to do a project with UI flow, and want to add to it an MQTT broker, which I have found ESP32 code for here:

    I want to build the functionality and the display elements in UIflow, and add the MQTT broker from the github code - how can I make this code work with the UIflow components?

    Just looking for a high level view of where to start to make the two work together... Thx!

  • You can't directly as Arduino is written in a version of C and UIFlow is written in MicroPython.

    You would need to learn how to port the Arduino commands into Micropython commands.

  • OK, I'm learning... So I don't just need ESP32 code, it needs to be Micropython. So let's say I can find an MQTT broker written in MicroPython, how will I go about adding this into a UI flow project? I want to use UI Flow to do the user interface components, and include an MQTT broker. UIFlow already has an MQTT Client, but it does not look like there is a broker.