Porting code from M5StickC to new Plus version

  • Hi out there. For the elder M5StickC (without Plus) I wrote several applications using the old small display. Unfortunately the elder stick (with the small display)
    isnt longer avaliable so I have to switch to the new PLUS version. Although M5 says that the Plus version is fully compatible, the graphics dont work
    properly. Sure it cannot cause of the larger display. Is there any possibility to make my code compatible without re-writing all (dont need that
    bigger display) ? Thanks for any idea.
    Regards Peter

  • Hello @DG4EK

    I'd start by replacing the M5StickC with the M5StickCPlus library and then include M5StickCPlus.h instead of M5StickC.h in your program. Then see what breaks (if anything) and fix that.


  • Thanks Felix for the hint. Will try that and report about ...