How do I reset M5Stack ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera X (OV3660) using code

  • hardware:
    M5Stack ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera X (OV3660)
    connected to AC using USB cable + Samsung adapter (5v 2.0a)

    I am using the Arduino IDE (coded in c/c++). Presently, my program is working and it is streaming successfully. I want to stream 24/7 but it shutdown after 14 hours. I would like to reset the camera when this happens. how do I reset this camera using c code. Thank you.

  • You can reboot esp32 using ESP.restart();

  • Camera - M5Stack ESP32 PSRAM TIMER CameraX(OV3660).
    Environment: Windows 10 pro Arduino version 1.8.17 IDE using c/c++

    I tried to use ESP.restart(). It restarted repeatedly. Presently, this camera streams for about 12 hours, then it would not stream thereafter. I have to use a pin to reset it physically. Therefore, I would like to reset it programmatically instead. I would like it to stream 24/7 for a long time.

    Any other suggestions?
    Thank you.

  • @spjrc set a timer to call a function after 6-12 houre, then call ESP.restart() from that function.