MQTT and m5 core ink

  • Hi everyone, I am having an issue.

    I create a program with uiFlow where I subscribe the decide on a topic in mqtt and change the screen with the text in the topic.
    The program worked perfectly for a while, but it looks like it lost the subscription to the MQTT broker because after a period of inactivity stop to reacting to the topic change.

    The broker seems to work fine with other devices, so I assume that the problem is on the M5.

    Do I have to loop m5mqtt.start() ???

    Also, the keep-alive is on 300

  • Hello @luarmr

    are you running the M5CoreInk from USB or battery? If from battery, could it simply have run out of juice?


  • Battery, but the battery looks fine.
    If I turn the power on and off. the device picks up. Also, we are talking about minutes not days. After a full charge.