Version confusion

  • From a newbies point of view, I am finding my new Core2, and in particular UI Flow, very frustrating and not well thought through.

    Along with the Core 2 unit I purchased an ENV III Temp/Humidity module. After many wasted hours of trying to get UI Flow Blockley to recognise the sensor I now find that the default version of UI Flow is 1.7.5, which does not support version III of the sensor. Reading various posts about the M5 Stack, I now understand that I will need at least version 1.8.2 or higher. Where do I download that version from? I cant find it anywhere.

    I did find an on-line version of 1.8.5, which looks to be what I need, however it doesn't find my USB port and keeps asking for an API key. I enter a new API but nothing changes. I assume API keys are for WiFi, which I am not into as yet as I cant get the wired version working as yet.

    The version of firmware shown on the M5 Stack LCD states 1.8.5 - no idea what that is for...

    If anybody can help it would be appreciated.

  • Hello @Flow

    sorry to hear about your troubles. Yes, the M5Stack world can be confusing.

    UIFlow offline: I don't think a newer version than 1.7.5 exists as of today. The offline version always lags behind and offers less functionality than the online version. My advise: don't use it.

    UIFlow online: I get the best results with the Chrome browser. The API key is not for WiFi but to identify your device in the UIFlow online version. You'll need to enter the API key shown on M5Core2 into the UIFlow online version. The M5Core2 first connects to your WiFi with your SSID and PW and then it connects to the UIFlow online version using the API key to identify itself. There is no USB connection required to get your M5Core2 talking to UIFlow online version. (Except for powering the device.)

    The connection goes as follows: M5Core2 - WiFi - your router - Internet - UIFlow online server

    UIFlow consist of two parts: the UIFlow firmware on the device (which is put there using M5Burner) and the software running either on your computer (UIFlow offline) or in the cloud presented to you in your browser. The UIFlow version 1.8.5 shown on M5Core2 informs you that your M5Core2 is running the current version of the UIFlow firmware. Which is what you want. So no worries here.


  • Thank you Felmue. I appreciate your response. I will focus my efforts on connecting WiFi.