QR Code positioning on M5Paper e-ink display

  • Hi everyone

    I'm having problem with positioning a QR code on my M5Paper e-ink screen.

    Given this very simple piece of Arduino code:

    #include <M5EPD.h>
    M5EPD_Canvas canvas(&M5.EPD);
    const uint16_t Y = 0;
    void setup()
        M5.begin(false, false, false, false, false);
        canvas.createCanvas(540, 960);
        canvas.qrcode("https://www.example.org/", 70, Y, 400);
        canvas.pushCanvas(0, 0, UPDATE_MODE_GC16);
    void loop()

    When setting Y to 0, the qr code gets placed at the very top of the screen, as expected:


    When setting Y to 560 (screen height 960 - size of qr code 400), I would expect the QR code to render at the very bottom of the screen. However, the qr code gets render barely a bit lower than with Y = 0.


    Is there something obvious I'm missing?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Hello @Skulblaka

    try using the x and y coordinates of the pushCanvas() command instead.

        canvas.qrcode("https://www.example.org/", 0, 0, 400);
        canvas.pushCanvas(70, Y, UPDATE_MODE_GC16);