Programming ICONs

  • New to this, but I have several problems with my new Core2

    1. Programming Icon list in UIFlow doesn't have a circle or square as shown in Tutorials on Youtube. Instead has a switch and line etc. How do I change the icon list back to the basic Text/Circle/Square in version 1.1.7?

    2. Also the Core2 wont turn only reliably - takes about 10 attempts to get it fired up
      Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello @Flow

    Re 1.: the icon list seems to be different for M5Stack vs M5Core2 models. (Not sure why that is though.) You could try to draw circles and squares programmatically using the blocks under 'Graphic'.

    Re 2.: does the issue happen with USB plugged in as well? If not it could be an issue with the battery. Have you tried to charge it for a couple of hours first? You could also try to remove the battery and see if the issue is still present with only USB power.