Sourcing grove connectors

  • Hi,

    This is not strictly M5Stack's issue, but I have started designing my own little device to plug into the M5Stack.

    Does anyone know where to get the Grove sockets ?

    I found a place called SeeedStudio which looks like 114020164 is right, but I cant fine a symbol or footprint file for them.

    Does anyone else make them ? someone with libraries to put it in my design ?

  • They are available only as PH2.0 4P connectors you can order them from china or on eBay but they are white SMD mount devices as you can see in this image.
    The coloured ones I are spare from M5Stack projects and haven't been able to find a source of them yet.

    If you still can't find them message me I can sell white THT ones for GBP £4 for a pack of 10 but there will be P&P to be paid on top of that price.