25 Project of Christmas 2021

  • Hello we are now deep into September and while we have several projects on the go while planing projects for Halloween, I find my self looking to December.
    I'm planning to publish 25 projects in December, one for each day building up to Christmas. While this may be impossible to achieve, whould anyone else be interest in joining the challange?
    This Challange is open to everyone including the team at @M5Stack

    1. Must contain M5Stack products.
    2. May use non M5Stack Products but they must be easy to get hold of.
    3. Must be quick and simple projects
    4. There is no prize unless M5Stack chose to sponsor one.
    5. Projects must be for fun, entertainment or teach others something.
    6. Small project can be connected to make bigger project but must work on their own.
    7. Projects must be documented on hackster.io.
    8. Projects must be fun!
    9. Projects can contain a holiday theme.
    10. A single project can be done by more than one person
    11. Topic is Open to all ideas.
    12. Only post 1 project per day.
    13. First Post must only be visable after 12:01 on the 1st December.
    14. Last project to be made visable before 10pm on the 24th December.