I can't connect to AWS IOT Core service

  • Hi, I am trying to connect my M5Stack to the AWS service using MQTT protocol. I tried various possible ways and had no good results.
    A similar problem was already discussed in the forum but not resolved.

    It was mentioned that the problem could be the policy associated with the object, in my object I used the following policy:

    Previously I was able to connect the same device by programming it from the arduino IDE. In that case I used the same format for designing the object policy, which would seem to indicate that this is not the problem.
    In the figure there is a simple example, which should send one message per second.

    From the AWS console, in the test tab it is not possible to subscribe with the topic corresponding to the messages sent by the device.
    From the monitoring section in the console it is visualized that the connection between the device and AWS seems to be made.
    Somebody could help me? In order to advance my project, I need to first achieve this communication with the kit.

  • Have you set up your incognito profile?
    Im afraid that AWS is a PITA to get initial setup and I have lost my notes.

  • Hi ajb2k3,

    Thanks for your response. I can't understand what is "incognito
    profile", Do you refer to AWS cognito?

    I was able to connect my M5Stack basic core using Arduino IDE. So, I
    think that the problem is UiFlow IDE.

    I don't know if AWS IoT function of UiFlow is supported for M5Stack
    basic Core.

    Best regards

  • @fei_96 I'm away but I had it working on an M5Atom!