M5Stack Core2 Factory Demo Upgrade

  • Hello to you !
    I just got an M5core2 and I am using Visual Studio Code with the PlatformIO Plugin.
    I found the example of the factory demo and I modified it, for the moment it is very basic but it allows to add functions.

    An Improvement which proposes to integrate:

    • Bluetooth scan / connect

    • Wifi scan / connect

    • Games

    • Music player

    • Calculator

    • Calendar

    • Other applications..

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text
    I am learning c ++ so I am a beginner, I share my progress on this improvement!
    If people are interested in improving the project


  • Nice work

  • @joueurgear
    Nice job!
    When do we expected the upgraded release?
    I deployed this version, the "Internal" button shows the application menu, but that's all.

  • @surixtm thank you for your feedback, on the github project I am improving versions of this project.
    I remind you that I am alone with a learning of C ++ permanently !
    The menu icons have been changed to make it more homogeneous

    The project has already evolved with the addition of the visible bluetooth application, then a games page has just been created.
    I would add the features :D