ESP32 Basic Core restarts every few seconds

  • My ESP32 Basic Core, with UIFlow of any version, restarts every few seconds. Is your device the same as mine? Is something wrong with the hardware?

  • Hello @thkfighter

    if you're asking whether there are people using M5Stack Basic Core successfully with UIFlow then the answer is yes and no. I am sure there are many successful cases out there but there probably are some unsuccessful cases as well. For M5Stack Basic Core resetting every few seconds many reasons come to mind: weak power supply, UIFlow firmware not properly burned, incorrect UIFlow firmware, WiFi credentials incorrect, weak WiFi signal and yes, faulty hardware.

    Without a little more information it is very hard to diagnose the particular issue your M5Stack Basic Core is suffering from. Could you give a little more information? For instance is there anything in M5Burner log? Is there anything on the screen? If yes, does the WiFi symbol turn from red to green?