UnitV2 - No response in Computer other than LED on the device

  • Hi,

    I just received my M5Stack UnitV2 and I connected it to my Windows computer but the device manager sees no change (including the network adapters) tab. Downloaded and extracted the driver package but since the computer does not recognize the device I can't supply a driver to it. Tried with other USB-C cables that I had from my M5Core2 but no change.

    No response when I tried connecting to my mac machine as well. The SD card seems to be empty and is named 'NONAME'. When I connect the USB cable to device, I see a blue LED glow, followed by red and it goes off, and I can peek in through the slits to see a dim white light.

    Help please

  • @sufiankaki
    I seem to be having the same issues as you with my device. Have you made any progress with yours?