Still need help for 3 basic stuff : matter of pin : digital/analog output/input ?

  • I really like M5Stack ; i use UIFlow. With demos about some sensors i managed to make a few things.
    Some bugs with previous version have disapeared with 1.6 and 1.7, and that s really nice.

    But i still need help :
    can someone tell me how to :

    • make a 3 colored traffic light with 3 LEDs as we find each time for arduino ? What pins can i use for a DIGITAL OUTPUT and how can i set them HIGH or LOW?
    • what pin can i use for de ANALOG OUTPUT and make for example a voltage ramp or a sinus signal ?
    • make a connexion with a pH-meter or a conductivity-meter or any science measurement apparatus with a 0-5V output ? what pins can i use for a ANALOG INPUT ?

    if someone can help me for those basic stuff ? Thanks a lot.

  • Link to Uiflow handbook. You must find file quickblockref.pdf

    On this site you have information which pins you can use as input/output adc input/dac output

  • Hi, thanks, there s a lot a reading there.
    I ve just understand the association on the picture below. Maybe it is too obvious or i am a ?**!@&0_1622285897944_m5_rear_no_s2.png

  • You must also find what other deviced are builtin (like gyroscope, microphone, buttons leds) and what gpio pins they used.

  • Yes. Maybe that kind of sheet already exists somewhere ? M5-Core-Schematic(20171206).pdf
    GPIO 37 38 39 are for buttons A, B C. for example ?

    I guess aviable GPIOs are only those with male or female connexions as shown on picture above so they re the only one we can really use.

  • @robalstona thanks for sharing my book.
    @Serge hi, sorry been busy.
    I/O pins are 3v3 tolerant not 5V tolerant and no need additional components to protect them.
    The book was mainly based around UIFlow and M5Stack specific hardware but will have a look.