Watering unit never stop

  • I plugged the watering unit in a Core Gray (3 buttons)
    The pump starts but never stop:

    • I tried with the Watering Test
    • I tried with the example of the documentation and set the pump status to 0
      It's impossible to stop the pump!
      What did I miss?
      Do I need a Core 2? But nothing is written about this

  • Hello @k33g

    in the M5Stack world there are 3 different Groove ports (A - red, B - black and C - blue) for different types of units.

    PORT                 PIN         Note:
    PORT-A(Red)    G21/22  I2C
    PORT-B(Black) G26/36  DAC/ADC
    PORT-C(Blue)   G16/17  UART

    The Groove port built into M5Stack (Gray, Fire, Basic, etc.) is port A (red).

    However the watering unit needs to be connected to port B (black) for the example to work.

    Note: Groove port B (black) and port C (blue) are available on the M5GO Bottom.