M5Stack Core2 micropython RTC example

  • Hi friends,
    after many tests, I finally understood the curiosity of the RTC of my core2 :

    machine.RTC().datetime have not the same params that utime.localtime()

    machine.RTC().datetime((2021, 3, 21, 0, 16, 37, 0, 0)) # Y,m,d,0,H,s,i,0
    utime.sleep_ms(100) # breathe a little
    lcd.print(str(machine.RTC().datetime())+"\n") # print Y,m,d,w,H,s,i,timestamp
    lcd.print(str(utime.localtime())) # print Y,m,d,H,s,i,w,z

    It's not the same thing that official micropython documentation,
    to set RTC, use particular tuple (year , month, day, week=0, hour, minute, second, timestamp=0)