Units CO2/TVOC

  • Hi,
    I'm trying the Units CO2/TVOC M5Stack Sick C.

    I'm just copy/pasting the code from the demo https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/unit/tvoc
    eCO2 stays blocked = 400ppm
    TVOC stay bloced at 0
    H2 moving a bit around 13580

    Any idea ?
    Does not seems to work fine.... I have another device Neatmo measuring CO2. It says it's not 400 but almost 1300ppm

    COuld you help?

  • You need to find the right calibration (baseline) values for your unit, so only initialize it, but do not define a baseline, then you will see a difference. Also it should be clean air in the room, f.e. not smoking with closed windows for days.

    for debugging purpose output the current baseline values as well, I think you will see a big difference to the ones in the sample then.

  • hi,
    don't know why but if you set that line n°31 in comment, it seems to work

    "# tvoc0.set_iaq_baseline(35187, 35502)
    while True:

    you may try to use the sample loop that you find in UIflow_Unit TVOC.

    As you can see on the picture below, TOVC/eCO2 can be use in a classroom context and it works fine
    I initialized it outside the window and came inside after