M5paper touchscreen wakeup from sleep

  • I'm looking to find out how to wakeup M5Paper from sleep(light or deep sleep) with the touchscreen. Some people say its possible and some say not. I have not find any solutions for this. I tried quite many things but nothing is working. Could someone help me on this?

    Currently i'm running a program that shows weather on the screen when deep sleeping and refreshes it every 30mins. If i push the side button down (GPIO 39) device wakeup from deep sleep and shows my touch screen home app that i can turn lights on and off. So i'm trying to replace the side button wakeup with touchscreen. A) Because Its quite hard to push the side button correctly B) it takes 5-7 secs to wakeup with this solutions. Also if someone is interested I get about 80 hours of battery on time with this solution.

  • Hello @Joonas

    Here is how I put my M5Paper into deep sleep with touch wake up:

    esp_sleep_enable_ext0_wakeup(GPIO_NUM_36, LOW); // TOUCH_INT
    gpio_hold_en(GPIO_NUM_2); // M5EPD_MAIN_PWR_PIN

    or light sleep with touch wake up:

    esp_sleep_enable_ext0_wakeup(GPIO_NUM_36, LOW); // TOUCH_INT


  • @felmue
    Big thanks. Now it works.
    I was missing the two lines "gpio_hold_en(GPIO_NUM_2);" & "gpio_deep_sleep_hold_en();" The other lines I already tried.

    Now i will keep testing to make the battery life and wakeup times better.

  • Hello @Joonas

    you are welcome. I am happy to hear you got it working to your liking.


  • Hello @felmue
    With an M5Paper V1.1 and your code sample, I can't put the device in deep (instant reboot with RTC_IO wakeup cause) or light sleep. This works well with BTN_UP.
    Is there a difference with V1.0 that can explain this behavior or something I missed ?

  • Hello @jcl

    this issue happens with Arduino framework 1.0.5 and when WiFi is enabled before going to sleep. See here for possible work-a-round.


  • @felmue - is latency between waking up from deep sleep is low enough to capture the same touch in main code (after wake up)?

  • Hello @kelcon

    yes, the main code can read the same touch which has caused the waking up since the touch IC stores the last touch coordinates for the main code to fetch it.


  • @felmue If I use esp_deep_sleep_start(); with canvas.drawJpgUrl() it restarts every 5 seconds. Works with light.

  • Hello @actuar

    well there is different behavior regarding program flow after waking from deep sleep vs waking from light sleep.

    After waking from deep sleep the program flow is (re-)started from the top. Which looks like a restart as it actually is a restart.

    After waking from light sleep the program flow continues and does not restart.


  • Thank you, all clear now, so M5.shutdown(600) will run again the entire setup. Great!

    Now M5.shutdown(600) it is run actually every 9 minutes and M5.shutdown(3600*11) every 2 and almost a half hour, not 11 hours.

    In order to avoid charging problems I use:

    if (voltage<4150) {

    otherwise it restarts every 5 seconds when charging. Is there any other solution when charging?
    The battery only charges to max 4100 and is dead at 3410: just bought a new M5Paper a week ago.

    float voltage = M5.getBatteryVoltage();