Wrong data with stick-c and env II

  • Hi,
    I just received a stick c with a env ii hat and a speaker hat, the speaker hat seems to work fine but the Env ii hat seems to give wrong data, I used the example from uiflow and I get nearly 10 degrees higher than the real temperature. Is there something to do to get the right data or is it a faulty env II hat?
    Do you think that the heat of the stick c could cause this? (I've tried to put away the hat from the stick with wires but I get 4 degrees over the real temperature)

  • @kilam
    Yes, heat from the m5stickC can cause that issue. Others have experienced the same thing. If the temp value is still off when using jumper wires to add space between the device an hat, then you will need to use an offset in your code or somehow calibrate the Env II. I have not come across any calibration procedures yet though. Maybe you can test if the offset follows a linear pattern through the usable temperature range of your application. Then add/subtract the offset.

  • Thank you, I will try it. It's just weird that it's not giving the right temperature with the examples.