uPy Module Programming contest?

  • I have seen the contests that m5stack has made, the latest i think a photography one.

    Would be great to have a contest to see who comes first with the Micropython Modules so needed for the devices. Like the m5core2 LCD one at least.

    This would increase the code base needed to attract more developers to this platform.

    I was willing to give some gift cards from famous online store or m5stack store credit to anyone coming up with a basic set of modules for the Core2. That would be AXP192, the LCD, SD card, and the Speaker and Mic.

    I do not know if this would be allowed to do by m5stack. Or if the community would be interested

    Please let me know.

  • @bricoms You might be interested in this MicroPython 1.14 firmware with display, SD card driver, AXP driver, a couple of utilities and example programs for M5Stack’s and Core2’s.


  • Thanks