How to do debugging (no screen) ?

  • So far ive printed errors to the screen...
    But using the atom lite models lately ... I struggle with debugging.

    When I run custom code via UIFLOW ... how can I get acces to error messages ? prints etc ....

  • I would make the led blink different or another color. I do not know if atom lite led is rgb.
    Also maybe the REPL can help.

  • Also you can establish a UART connection with a serial terminal using the UART BLOCKS. There is a UART write block. This is the way I used to debug in arduino.

  • In 'Text' there is a 'print' block. Open M5Burner -> hamburger menu -> Serial Monitor. print statements will show on Serial port.

  • Both UIFlow and UIFlow2 have a terminal on the bottom of the screen for running code. When you hit the run button in the terminal it will show the code you attempted to run on the device along with error messages.
    You can also use Thonny for coding and debugging in the same way.

  • In UIFlow, you can access error messages and prints by checking the console output. Open the Console tab in the bottom panel of UIFlow, and it will display any error messages or prints generated during the execution of your custom code.