Connecting to a LoraWAN Gateway with Core2 and Module LoRa868

  • Hello Forum,

    is there anyone who managed to connect to a LoRaWAN Gateway (e.g. from TTN) with a Core2 and the LoRa868 Module (this one: not the com version)?
    I am using Arduino framework and tried using the MCCu LoRaWAN LMIC library, but without success.

    I could not find any tutorials either on the net for this approach.
    Seems the heltec WiFi LoRa 32 board achieves the task with the very same basic hardware components (SX1276, ESP32) according to multiple tutorials, yet for the M5Stack Core2 with the Module LoRa868 I cannot find any.

    Any hint would be highly appreciated.

  • Hello @paul-k

    how far did you get? Is the M5Core2 talking to the LoRa module?

    Keep in mind that the LoRa module was designed for M5Stack (Fire, Gray, etc.) and some GPIOs have changed from M5Stack to M5Core2. You can find a comparison here.

    I don't have the LoRa module, but from looking at the schematic this should be the GPIO mapping:

    LoRa      <-> M5Core2 <-> Name

    GPIO18  <-> GPIO18   <-> SCK
    GPIO23  <-> GPIO23   <-> MOSI
    GPIO19  <-> GPIO38   <-> MISO
    GPIO5    <-> GPIO33   <-> CS
    GPIO26  <-> GPIO26   <-> RST
    GPIO36  <-> GPIO36   <-> DIO0 / INT

    Note: on M5Core2 by default GPIO33 is used as external I2C (SCL) on the Groove port A. Luckily external I2C is not enabled by default so that should not interfere. Just keep in mind that you cannot use the LoRa module and external I2C.