My OpenWeatherMap display wth M%Paper

  • Hi,
    Here I wont to show the status of my little project. Have take the example of David Bird (4.2" weather display for e-paper) and rebuild this for the M5Paper. Divide the whole project in 3 screens, with the switch on top I can choose the screen.
    As you can see the project is still in progress. One of the things I can't fix is to display the time ( right upper corner) without updating the whole screen.
    Has someone tried to make a kind of a clock ?




    Will keep you informed about the project.



  • Nice work but have you tried creating the clock as a function and using partial refresh to the area of the clock only?

  • @ajb2k3 No, but I think found the solution by introducing a second small canvas. Place this on the location of the clock, and updated it every minute. Have done some experiments with this and the results where one for me.