M5StickC - Can't access USB Mode

  • I just recieved my M5StickC a few days ago. Since then I'm trying to figure out how to access usb mode in order to upload my code. Unfortunately the steps listet in the manual (https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/quick_start/m5stickc/m5stickc_quick_start_with_uiflow) don't work. On boot the stick shows an M5 animation and then switches to the MPU6886 screen.

    Buttons A and B are both only cycling through the preinstalled "apps". Holding button B and hitting the restart button only starts the stick in "Test Mode" with a few more apps available, but the settings menu is not available.

    Because of this I can't use the device, what is really annoying me right now. Does anyone know how to actually get into the settings menu or had similar issues?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Probably you have installed factory test firmware written in c/arduino which doing only what you described in your post. You must flash device with uiflow firmware. Then you could run your stickc in app mode or programming mode.

  • @capatinshimapan When you switch on the StickC after burning the firmware you need to immediatly press the "A" button to access the setting menu.
    In the setting press button a to go into mode and be to move to usb mode and press a to select usb mode.
    Press the reset button and it should boot into usb mode.