Console Log with UIFlow

  • Hi! I just got my first m5stack product – the M5Atom Matrix.

    I'm a beginner when it comes to programming and want to use the UIFlow, occasionally looking at the Python code and learning from it.

    When I run a program with UIFlow there is no console visible so I cannot see errors/outputs of functions etc...
    I tried MQTT with but that's very limited and not what I'm looking for. I know how to connect via screen but then I can't use UIFlow...

    Is it possible to see a console and all the outputs AND use UIFlow?

  • If you wan't console feedback, UIFlow runs on micropython ( I am in the process of logging this) and so using Thonny is what I would advise as the code can be copied from UIFlows python window and pasted into thonny before saving to the device.