Cables for motor - 4 Channels DC Encoder Motor driver module - from where ?? (NO LEGO)

  • I want to connect 4 motors with encoder ( no LEGO motors !) to that module.
    I found, that M5stack is using 6pol connector with 1mm space between the pins and all motors with encoder are using bigger connectors - 6pol with 2mm space between the pins.
    (signals are equal - a standard 1:1 cable should work)

    So I cannot use standard cables.

    On the advertisement picture M5Stack is showing an encoder motor, that is directly connected to the module with a cable. This is exactly what I want.

    I asked the tech support from M5Stack - no reply ??

    Does anybody knows where I can get the motors or the adapter cables from ?

    I wonder why M5Stack is using these non standard connectors and is not offering a cable to connect to standard motors. (they only offer cables for LEGO - this is NOT want I want.)