DC Motor AKA Lego+ not working in uiFlow?

  • Re: LegoBoard

    Having updated everything (v1.7.2 for the firmware, and using the beta as well as the non-beta v1.4.5 of the uiFlow), I cannot seem to make the Lego+ (AKA DC Motor in the newer UI) work. All I get is "legoBoard not support in uiflow" on the LCD of the M5 Core unit.

    I remember it did work a long time ago. What changed, and more importantly: how to fix this?

  • Hello @hkubota

    yes, it looks like Lego+ has been broken in recent firmware as I get the same error on M5Stack Gray or M5Core2 running 1.7.2 firmware. However when I burn 1.4.5 firmware onto my M5Stack Gray I get a different error stating that the Lego module maybe isn't connected (which is correct as I don't have a Lego module).

    It might be worth trying to burn 1.4.5 firmware onto your M5Stack and try again.


  • @felmue That actually worked. Not an ideal situation as I cannot use the newer units, but for now the Lego motors turn again which is awesome!
    Thanks a lot! I downgraded the UI, but it never occured to me that I should downgrade the firmware too.

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