GoPlus2 Module and M5Stack Fire - how to charge ?

  • I have an vehicle, that should be controlled via a M5Stack Fire.
    For the 2 DC motors and the servos I want to use a GoPlus2 module with it's built-in Akku. (I had one in my collection :-) )
    It's working, but I found the system in instable because of power supply.

    I use a 7.4 V LIPO akku - connected to the GoPlus2 module - DC input. (If I use power from USB the motors are not propper working - they are 6V DC motors.)

    I'm not sure if the akku of the GoPlus2 modul is loaded from that input. The green LED is on, but if I disconnect the LIPO akku the LED remains only about 5s on - then off and the connected M5Stack Fire is off.

    What does the green LED indicates ?
    Power or charging ?


  • Hello @ramaker

    from looking at the GoPlus2 schematics the green LED is on either when external power is applied (DC input) or a charged battery is attached.

    There is no charging IC in the GoPlus2 so the battery is going to be charged through the charging IC in the M5Stack Fire. When power is supplied through DC input only (and USB-C is not connected) 5 volts are supplied into M5Stack Fire, but the charging IC in the M5Stack Fire can only be powered by USB-C (and not from external 5 volts). Therefore with external DC input power the battery will not be charged. This also fits the GoPlus2 description which says that the battery can be charged through USB-C.


  • Thank you for the answer.
    That is strange ! So I have to use 2 power supplies , if I want to drive 2 DC 12V motors.
    This makes no sense for me.


  • Hello @ramaker

    it is my understanding that you can power everything from the GoPlus2 DC input except charging the GoPlus2 internal battery.

    That said, I don't have a GoPlus2, so my conclusions might be incorrect. (Sorry I forgot to mention that before.)


  • Hello felmue,
    it's no problem - i've ordered one and will have it by the end of the week.
    I looked to the scematics too ( - a little, I'm no specialist) and I found what you said.
    And I found more things that make me problems.
    I think the voltage from the external input is converted to 5V DC like the USB power.
    So I cannot use my DC12V motors unfortunately - I have to change to 5V types.

    (Now I unterstand, why they are rotating with so less power and slow.)

    Thank you and regards