I2C communication

  • Hey

    Can someone give me a code-example that I2C communication between five M5Stacks.
    Basically one master (M5Stack Gray) should recieve data of four M5StickCs. I was searching for a solution for quite a long time but didn´t find anything comparable.

    Hopefully someone can help me because it´s an important project for university.

    Thank youuu :)

  • Hello, you can take a look at PaHub and PbHub extensions to understand how to get it working, it allow you to control 4 not 5 but you'll need to switch between them (because you still use single i2c port, it's just extension)

  • @simons

    Another option... if you did not want to use wires/cables and I2C, you could go wireless and use ESP-Now. It’s really easy to implement in uiFlow as well. I’m not sure of your project requirements though. Just a thought. Good luck!