Lighpaint project

  • Hi!
    There are a lot of neopixel light paint projects for Arduino and Raspberry pi around the internet. I wonder if anyone have info on the same project for M5 Stack. I would like to be able to load an image on the SD card of the M5 Stack core, and then "paint" it in the air with neopixels for long exposure photography. Also known as light painting.

    See the attached pixture:

    alt text

  • Light Painting and Persistence-of-Vision (POV) seem to be slightly different things. I have found the Adafruit learn guides ( search POV) very interesting. They are suggesting you need to use DotStar LEDs with their 20Khz refresh rate (for POV), rather than Neopixel with a 400hz refresh rate (for light-painting). I have not yet made any light painting or POV equipment myself.