AP Mode vs. Station mode

  • I’ve previously coded up ESP32 devices using C that boot the first time in AP mode, allow the user to connect and provide network information, then reboot in station mode. However, there don’t seem to be any examples in either Blockly or Python for the M5StickC.

    This is pretty vital behavior when prototyping a consumer product. Does anyone have an example? Thanks.

  • It's disappointing to see no replies to this. It's such a central feature of the whole ESP32 family, that not seeing it supported in UIFlow and other examples here makes me seriously concerned if the M5Stack products are somehow more limited than the vanilla ESP32.

  • Hi
    I had similar issue long ago.
    Long story short - its possible with micropython but in the end I went back to C
    You can search for my old threads - they have examples and Luke (god bless him) helped me to sort things out there

  • Thanks. I was hoping I'd missed some way to do this in UIFlow, as it is fun to knock up some code that way. But ... back to C for me.