adding lvgl to the m5stack micropython build?

  • Hello M5Stack Community,

    I am slowly getting started with an M5Go device and I have a Core2 arriving at some point.

    After looking at a few threads on this forum I wanted to give the lvgl library a try. I do not need to use firmware that completely eliminates the UIFlow libraries, I just want to add lvgl functionality to my device.

    I do not have a lot of experience with C and embedded devices. Is there anyone that could provide an example of a lvgl configuration that works for the M5 devices? It would help me get moving faster.

    I am piecing information together from the lvgl python bindings project example, but I remember folks mentioning custom driver code for the M5 products. So I have to admit to being a little overwhelmed.

    @Zontex mentioned that lvgl was used for a M5stack firmware and I would love to see the related configuration as a template to help me wrap my head around the settings.

    I appreciate any help or advice.

    Thank you!

  • Ok! So after connecting to the serial REPL on the Core2, it seems like the lvgl module is already setup on the UIFlow firmware, which is great.
    I just wish that was made more apparent in the documentation somewhere.