Cannot connect to M5Stick CPlus - no COM port driver - Windows 10 - actual software

  • Hi,
    I have 2 M5Stick CPlus and want to use it.
    So I connect it to the USB port - 2 devices were not recognized !!
    In the device manager I can see "M5stack", but it is marked with a yello sign, means no driver present.
    I try to install the new version with the Windows update system -- no success !

    I driver is installed correct.
    My M5stack Fire and Basic are working - there is no error - I can use it with the UIflow, Burner and Arduino etc.
    If I change for example from the Fire to one of the M5Sticks CPlus (same cable, same USB port, same software), then the device manager of Windows 10 shows me a problem and the M5Stick is not connected via COM port.

    I get all software drivers new from - deinstalled the old driver - start the computer new - installed the drivers again - used one other USB port - one other USB cable ------- NO SOLUTION ----- NO CONNECTION.

    The M5Sticks CPlus are working.
    The preset software is working - all the preset demos are working - the battery is charges full.
    LED is blinking.
    I don't think it's a hardware problem, because it is the same thing with 2 differernt devices.

    What have I to do ?
    Is there a special software I have to install ?


  • Fire and Basic use a different USB chip (CP210X). The StickC Plus uses a FTDI chip which should work out of the box in Windows 10. Someone with a similar problem had luck using the drivers from

  • Thank you for the answer.
    I try to download the driver, but It seems, that the site is down - so I'l try it tomorrow.

    I'm wondering, why M5Stack gives not the same information on the websit of the stick.
    Even if I'm a minority, but a hint would have prevented me from long time frustration. And the information is available and "costs" only one more line of text.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    p.s. I tried it on my 2 PCs and one notebook with Windows 10 (every hardware is different, HP and Lenovo) - on every PC / notbook the USB connection is not working.

  • so - I installed that driver -- and it works ! (on all of my PCs and notebook)
    Perfect !!

    I found that I have to burn the M5Flow UI 2 times.
    The first time the burn process was very fast (about 5s) and after that the device shows no reaction - screen black - no reaction on any key. (according to the PC display everything was ok - no error)
    The second time burning was about 5 times slower, but now every thing is as it should be. The M5Stick works and I can use UIFlow.

    Strange -- maybe sometime anybody can explain ........
    @sudoku: Thanks again for your help.