M5stack wont turn on on Battery.

  • power.ischarging() returns Ture
    power.getbatterylevel() returns 100
    Voltages (disconnected from USB, Device OFF since it wont turn on)
    GND & BAT is 4.05V
    GND & 3V3 is 0V
    GND & 5V is 0V

    When i press the on button it most of the time does not turn on. In about 1 in 50 tries it turns on but turns off when i press any button.

    FW UIflow 1.7.1-en

  • Hello @UmbraAtrox

    sorry to hear about your troubles. When you manage to turn on your unit running from battery, could you please measure the three voltages again? Maybe this gives us a hint about what's broken.