[IMPORTANT] Please read before posting in this forum

  • Hi Guys,

    We are super excited about our latest product in the M5Stack family - the Core2 for AWS!

    This forum is dedicated to questions and problems you might have with the product, anything related to the Core2 for AWS feel free to post here and we will do our best to answer and provide solutions in a timely matter!

    Please note a few things before posting:

    1. Only post things related to Core2 for AWS, for Core2 ONLY topics there is a separated forum.
    2. Problems, questions, and projects are more than welcome, if you have a wish list of something you'd like to be added which doesn't exist yet, please publish it in the wish list forum requirement.
    3. Please respect others, it's important to note that all the other forum rules apply here as well.

    If you have code you'd like to post, please make sure to post it in triple brackets ` like this (twice, 3 from each side)
    the result will be like this hi this is a comment

    for a code block, you can make space in between:

    This is code

    Enjoy the forum and any questions feel free to ask!