IP5306 charging current is 6 times greater than C/10

  • According to datasheet IP5306 charging current is 1.8A.
    Battery, used in M5 Core Bottom is 300mAh.
    It means that charge current is 6(!) times greater than C/10.
    Only special designed batteries could work with such charge rate!
    For me it is nothing surprizing that batteryes in M5 Core lives nothing.
    For me is surprizing that no flammable incidents were reported yet.
    What your designers were thinked about?!

  • Hello @Kabron

    it is my understanding that the IP5306 comes in many different flavours, for instance the version used in M5Stack Fire / Gray can communicate via I2C.

    I'd be really surprised if the M5Stack engineers used a standard IP5306 version and charge the battery with 1.8 A. Did you actually measure the charging current that goes into the battery? Is it really this high?

    (BTW: masuring the battery charging current on my M5GO I get about 70 mA.)


  • I saved a copy of the IP5306_I2C data sheet from a long time ago. In this table, I see the charge current can be set by the CHG_DIG_CTL0 register (see the formula). I would assume the M5stack designers took care of setting the max charge current with that register bits 0 through 4, though I could be wrong.

    0_1610043247081_Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 12.36.51 PM.png

    If you want the entire data sheet, let me know.