M5StickC Joystick+ESP32 robot+Protocol Buffers (nanopb)+3dprint

  • AIRobot

    ESP32 robot platform, the idea is join it with a MaxiPy RISC-V camera. For now the current development works with a M5StickC Joystick hat that controlling the robot via UDP using protobuf (nanopb). In the robot it use a simple ESP32 board.




    You can build it with Arduino IDE renaming the main files to .ino, but it is more easy if you use PlatformIO, with a simple command you upload both, Joystick and Robot.

    pio run --target upload

    Please check the right USB ports on platformio.ini file.

    After the first upload, you could comment the robot and joystick blocks in platformio.ini and uncomment the OTA blocks for upload via WiFi without USB.


    Turn on the robot, then the joystick, when the joystick detect the robot, push the M5 button for some seconds for pair. For turn off the joystick press again the M5 button.

    DIY Robot demo

    For the instructions and more details here.

    Youtube demo