M5Core2 and Lan PoE

  • Hello,
    I discover the world of the M5. In my tests, I try to connect a Lan Poe module with my new M5Core2. The M5Core2 does not start, or rather it starts and stops immediately and this in a loop. Is this module compatible with the M5Core2? If so, how do I make them work together ?

  • Hello @JNVoirol

    most modules originally have been designed for M5Stack and before M5Core2 was available. And between M5Stack and M5Core2 a few pins on the bus have changed. I've put together a comparison sheet which might help.

    That said this example should give you a starting point.

    You will need to modify at least the following lines to make it work with M5Core2:

    //#include <M5Stack.h>
    #include <M5Core2.h>
    //#define MISO 19
    #define MISO 38
    //  M5.Power.begin();

    Happy Stacking!

  • Thank you Felix.