Different MAC-Adress in Burner and Device

  • Hello,
    I am currently trying to familiarise myself with ESP-Now. I noticed that with 2 M5Stick C the burner shows a MAC address that ends with ...:ec, while the device itself returns ...:ed. Which of these is valid?

  • @peter
    I try it out: The MAC-Adress showed by the Device ist the right.

  • Now I find out, the device send the MAC-Adress 0x...fc and recive with the Adress 0x...fd. What a confusion. Have someone an explanation?

  • @peter
    now I know that every Device has 2 MAC-Adresses. The Adress with showed by MyMacAdress-Block and that Adress -1. It receives on both Adresses and send with the lower Adress. I tested it with 3 M5Stck C Firmware 1.7.0 and 1.4.5.

    Has that any sense? I see that the first time.