Camera Tools installation on Win 10

  • Hello!
    I have purchased a Timer Camera X and am trying to get the Win 10 Camera Tools software to work.

    I have followed these instructions:

    As instructed to do on the above web page, I downloaded Camera Tools and ran cameraTools.exe, then connected the Timer Camera X to a USB port. Windows said it was installing driver, and then windows said device ready to use. I then went back to the Camera Tools software, but no COM ports are listed.
    I looked in Windows Device Manger and under Other Devices 'M5Stack' is listed but it shows no driver installed - I can't find a driver anywhere....!!

    What do I do to get Camera Tools to work?

    Many thanks,


  • On my Windows 10 machine the Timer Camera X uses standard FTDI drivers.

  • @sodoku Thanks very much - I now got it working, by installing the Windows FTDI virtual com port driver using the setup executable from this web page:

    I then was able to use the Arduino IDE to upload the example sketch, modified with my WiFi SSID and password.

    Not really sure how to use the Timer Camera X - pluged into a USB port to power up, looked at devices connected to my router and found a new unknown device at, so pointed my browser at that and got the camera web page and was able to make the camera work.

    Couldn't see how to turn the Timer Camera off, so unpluged the USB power. BUt then when I reconnect power via USB it doensn't connect to me router...... There are no lights on the Timer Camera in any situation.... No idea what the power button on the Timer camera does (it doesn't seem to turn the camera on and off.....)
    Any information on how the timer camera x works would be most appreciated!!

  • @RBWilliams glad I could help.

    To turn on the Camera you have to press and hold the power button. To turn it off you have to use something like a paperclip to press the reset button behind the small hole (see the picture at There it's also documented how to turn it on and off:

    The low-power power management solution adopted by the Timer Camera series is different from the CORE and StickC devices. When in use, the PWR button is used as a power-on button(long press 2s). If you need to shut down the device, you need to use the software API or press the Reset button on the PCB.