Core 2 with Arduino IDE: which board to choose

  • Hello,
    I recently purchased an M5Stack Core 2.
    I want to use it with the Arduino IDE in its latest version (Windows 10) which I have been using for several years, notably with the ESP32. I have a current project with the ESP32.

    I installed the board and the libraries.

    Then I have to choose the card either
    Board "M5Stack-Core-Esp32"> M5Stack Arduino> M5Stack-Core-Esp32

    Board "M5Stack-Core-Esp32"> M5Stack Arduino> M5Stack-Core2

    With the touch.ino example sketch.

    The first card compiles and works fine but I cannot access the board settings.

    The second compiles correctly but nothing appears on the screen: black screen. Just a bright flash. And this regardless of the compiled program.

    Of course I carried out long research on the internet and found no explanation.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi!
    Board settings==board info?

    Whit "M5Stack-Core-Esp32"> M5Stack Arduino> M5Stack-Core2 works nice to me.