Qt Qml and M5Paper ?

  • Hello everybody,

    I am pretty new to arduino development so please forgive me if my question is a nonsense:

    I have recently bought a M5paper and I would like to implement an UI on it. I know there is a UIFlow tool allowing to do it, and also that there is a M5 lib allowing to create HMI and all that stuff...
    But in my case, I am developping my HMI with Qt Qml (and a C++ part) and I would like to know if there is an easy way to deploy it on M5Paper ?

    My point is that my app is being developped in commercial purpose and won't be, in future, deployed on M5Paper but on our own device (not existing for now). So, I would have liked first to try my app on M5Paper in order to show it to future customers, investissors, banks... to develop my activity.

    Really thanks in advanced for all element of answer you could give to me.

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    @antoine-ch Hi, The M5Stack has it's one library to modify the UI as you'd like, this will allow you extremely quick prototyping. if you are planning to use ESP32 in your commercial solution, maybe it makes sense to code it using ESP-IDE and not using Arduino-IDE so you could technically re-use the code later on without the need to write it all over again.

    Using ESP-IDE you can use QT QML and HMI without trouble, it's the official development IDE for the ESP devices but this will consume more energy and time from you, unlike Arduino IDE which will be fast and effective.

    For the purpose of showing a demo, I will even suggest going with UIFlow.

  • @zontex Hi ! Many thanks for your answer !
    I'll go for a try with ESP-IDF and Qt Qml then. It will allow me to start to develop my software and test it on M5Paper while my colleague will be working on developping the final hardware using an esp32. Therefore, I'll be able to keep my software without modifications.
    I will let you know the result later :)
    Thanks again.