M5Paper error message

  • Hello,

    When I upload an arduino program to M5Paper then there is the following message in the Arduino IDE:

    esptool.py v3.0-dev
    Serial port COM6
    Chip is ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 (revision 3)
    Features: WiFi, BT, Dual Core, 240MHz, VRef calibration in efuse, Coding Scheme None
    Crystal is 40MHz
    MAC: b8:f0:09:c6:29:10
    Uploading stub...
    Running stub...
    Stub running...
    Configuring flash size...
    Warning: Could not auto-detect Flash size (FlashID=0xffffff, SizeID=0xff), defaulting to 4MB
    Compressed 8192 bytes to 47...
    A fatal error occurred: Timed out waiting for packet content
    A fatal error occurred: Timed out waiting for packet content

    all my thanks for your help

  • Hello, are you having the same issue when you trying to burn the UIFlow firmware using the M5Burner? could you try and see if the M5Burner gives you any problems?

  • Hello, i tried the "Factory test" firmware using the M5Burner and EasyLoader_M5Paper_Factory_Test but there is the same message.

  • @zamzam
    Do you have tried to slow down the upload speed. Had the same with other brands, after reducing the upload speed it works.

  • @Powersoft
    Hello, after contacting M5Stack support the problem is probably the flash chip, M5Stack is replacing my M5Paper.
    I had performed this upload test at slow speed but without improvement. Thanks for your help